UIB PRESS RELEASE - Munich, September 17th, 2012



World Bakers oppose to the use of farmland for energy purposes.

UIB urges Governments to stop speculation on cereals.


The International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners (UIB), represents more than 300.000 bakeries, employing over 4 million people in 45 countries throughout the five continents of the world.

Bread has been mankind’s main health food in most civilizations for more than 6,000 years. And bakers are the persons who have been making bread daily, over these last 6,000 years, for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

Nowadays, the use of farmland for purposes other than growing crops for feeding the world population, together with the increasing stock market speculation on cereals, are menacing the supply of the main raw materials necessary to produce bread.

Thus, at its meeting held in Munich, the UIB Congress has unanimously adopted the following




1.     Provided that farmland should be exclusively used to grow crops aimed at producing food for mankind, not being acceptable to use farmland for any other kind of purposes, such as, in particular, energy purposes.

2.     Provided that stock market speculation is increasingly focusing on cereal products, thus leading to irregular supplies of the different flour products, indispensable to make bread, and even sometimes menacing to cause cereal shortages at world level,


UIB urges all Governments and International Agencies in the world to forbid the use of farmland for purposes other than growing crops for food, as well as to establish the necessary legal measures to prevent stock market speculation on cereal products at world level