14th September 2013

The very first meeting of the newly elected UIBC Presidium was held in the afternoon of Saturday, 14th September 2013, after the Constitution Assembly of the new International Union of Bakers and Confectioners, UIBC. The UIBC Presidium consists of the following positions and individuals:

President: Peter Becker (Germany)

Deputy President: Gerhard Schenk (Germany)

Vice-Presidents: Christian Vabret (France), Ellen Yin (Taiwan), Günther Koerffer (Sweden), Stefan Romang (Switzerland), Boldiszár Ilonka (Hungary) and Antonio Arias (Mexico, CIPAN)

Treasurer: Andreu Llargués (Spain)

Secretary-Generals: José María Fernández del Vallado (Spain) and Robert Widmann (Germany)


The first decisions to be taken by the UIBC Presidium were related to the new logo of the UIBC and the places and dates for the next meetings of the Presidium, which in agreement of all members should meet frequently during the early stages of the new International Union, as well as the four UIBC Working Commissions which were to be established the following day. For the upcoming year 2014, UIBC meetings in Taiwan, during the Junior World Championship under 25 for Confectioners, Chocolate Producers and Ice-cream Makers, Paris (Europain) and Poland (PolagraTech) have been scheduled.


The new UIBC Presidium (José María Fernández del Vallado (ESP), Andreu Llargués (ESP), Robert Widmann (GER), Christian Vabret (FRA), Gerhard Schenk (GER), Peter Becker (GER), Ellen Yin (TWN), Günther Koerffer (SWE), Stefan Romang (CHE), Boldiszár Ilonka (HUN), Antonio Arias (MEX).


Historical: The very first UIBC Presidium meeting 


Draft of the new UIBC logo