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13th September 2013

The city of Granada (Spain) welcomed the delegates of UIB and UIPCG (International Union of Confectioners) with warm temperatures, but also heavy rain on their way to visit the Science Park of Granada.

The day before the meetings of the UIB/UIPCG Congress started, the organizers had scheduled a visit to Granada's Science Park, with the temporary exhibition "Nutrition - source of live" dedicated exclusively to the world of nutrition and food. The visitors saw a Large audiovisual, a Journey through history, the Four faces of health, the Food Market, Pyramid Plaza, and information about topics like How I eat, Healthy lifestyles, Never, nothing and Sitting at the table. The upper floor of the exhibition had a Bakery, an Educational workshop, a Senses workshop, and offered rooms for audiovisual projection and sceens in order to find out more. The most interesting and entertaining bit was certainly the visit to the bakery, with ovens and everything, and the master baker and teacher of the Granadian Bakery School who was making bread during the visit. Many delegates showed great interest in his work with the dough and the main ingredients of bread.

The extraordinary guide of this visit was Prof. Dr. Ángel Gil, the President of the ICN'2013 who is also professor at the University of Granada and President of the Bread Committee. He lead the delegates of UIB and UIPCG through the 2 floors of the exhibition, giving many details about the large variety of aspects it covers.

This exhibition will not stay in Granada - it will travel throughout different countries of the world and, in four year's time, will join again the International Congress of Nutrition, which will be held in 2017 in Sydney, Australia.