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Artificial intelligence and augmented reality for learning processes in a project initiated by FORTEC

On December 31, 2012, AR-AI LEARNING was finalized, a Multi-Service-Platform for the Generation of Training Practices based on Augmented Reality and Agent Tutorials doted with Artificial Intelligence (Reference No. TSI-020302-2010-155).

On March 31, the justification period of this project ends, which has been implemented by FORTEC (Formación y Tecnología SL) and in which, apart from CEOPAN, the following organizations have collaborated besides: Everis, Informatica El Corte Ingles, the Technological Institute of Aragon, the Government of Aragon, and the National Association of Distributors of Ceramics and Building Materials (ANDIMAC).

The aim of the project was to enable practical interactive and personalized learning, with the incorporation of advanced technological solutions. The initiative has been implemented for two years and has allowed the development of training tools for next-generation multimedia training content such as 3D and Augmented Reality and their integration into Artificial Intelligence based tutorials.

The main results of this ambitious project are now presented in a web portal (http://fortec1.nerion.com/portalraia/) in order to show demos of the products obtained and to downloading applications.

The participation of CEOPAN was mainly related to three areas: Design and implementation of practices generation tool, system integration and validation, and pilot experience.

The project, along with its development for PC platforms, extends the interactivity with users through a virtual agent and work experience in Augmented Reality on mobile platforms (Android and IOS) as well as interactive digital television. Ultimately, AR-AI-Learning is a powerful tool for the design of smart practices platform based on Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality technologies.

AR-AI-Learning was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the Avanza2 Plan and is included in the Spanish National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Techological Innovation 2008-2011.