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Munich, Sept. 15th - 18th, 2012



The International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners (UIB), representing more than 300.000 bakeries, employing over 4 million people in 45 countries throughout the five continents of the world, has held its annual Congress in the city of Munich, coinciding with the iba Bakery Exhibition 2012.

All the Presidents of the UIB member National Federations were invited to take part in the iba Summit, on September 15th, where key speakers on different issues (from prevention of chronic diseases to food safety, from energy-efficiency to connected innovation, from the battle food vs. fuel to the new trends in the international baking trade) could meet decision-makers from across the globe and have the chance to discuss current topics and burning issues with each other.

During the iba Summit, The Hon. John Dalli, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, was presented the first-ever granted UIB Honorary Award. This Award is aimed at rewarding, either a person or an Institution, that has shown merit in his or its work for the benefit of bakers worldwide and was unanimously agreed to Mr. Dalli, further to the proposal of both the President of the UIB and the President of the CEBP (European Confederation of Bakers and Confectioners).




From left to right: Henri Wagener, President of CEBP; The Hon. John Dalli; Peter Becker, President of UIB and JM Fdez. del Vallado, Secretary General of UIB

Delegates from Algeria, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA attended the various activities that had been programmed for this UIB Congress, starting on September 16th.

The four UIB Working Commissions (Vocational Training; Economy and Social Policy; Organisation and Marketing and Publicity) held their meetings one after the other, thus allowing all attendees wishing to take part in them to do so. The conclusions of the meetings were to be proposed to the UIB Presidium and then to the Congress.



Meeting of the Commission “Marketing and Publicity”

A historical meeting of both the Presidium of the UIB and the Board of the International Union of Confectioners and Pastry and Ice-cream Makers (UIPCG) had been scheduled in the evening. There an agreement was reached between the two Executive Bodies of both International Unions to propose to each of their respective highest Governance Bodies a common letter of intent in order to approve the start of a merger UIB/UIPCG as from July 1st, 2013, under the name UIBC, after the dissolution of the two existing Unions and the bringing together of their assets.

After a long working day, the UIB delegates could then relax and enjoy some beers in the Oktoberfest tent that the iba organizers had raised in the Exhibition premises.

The UIB Presidium meeting was held on Sunday, September 17th. All the proposals from the different Working Commissions were discussed, so that they could be adequately presented to the Congress. The accounts 2011, the budget 2013, the composition of the new Presidium, the decision on the “World Baker of the Year” Awards, the proposal for a second “UIB Honorary Award” and the issuing of a press release concerning a UIB Resolution on the politics on cereals were also agreed upon for a further decision of the Congress.

A Press Conference had been called after the meeting, where the UIB President and Secretary General could inform the media about the UIB activities, particularly, the prices of raw materials, the merger UIB/UIPCG, the development of UIB and the evolution of the bakery industry in different world regions. The UIB Resolution concerning cereals was the main topic of the Press Conference.

The attendees were then invited to participate in an extremely interesting Round Table on “The Aroma Wheel”, directed and moderated by Professor Michael Kleinert, from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW Wädenswill).

Finally, the UIB Congress took place. Further to the proposals of the four Working Commissions and the Presidium, and besides the approval of the Balance sheet and the accounts of the Year 2011, as well as the Budget 2013, the following resolutions were also unanimously adopted:

·        The admission of Southern Cross Baking (Australia) as Observer member.

·        The decision of granting the UIB “World Baker of the Year” Awards to Mr. Hans Bolten (Germany) and Mr. Bert Kolkman (the Netherlands), respectively for the Years 2013 and 2014. These Awards are aimed at rewarding an outstanding professional baker every year. Both Mr. Bolten and Mr. Kolkman, besides being Master Craft Bakers, have chaired UIB and have being devoting their lives to the benefit of traditional bakers worldwide.

·        The decision of granting the second ever “UIB Honorary Award” to Prof. Dr. Angel Gil, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Granada, President of the International Congress of Nutrition 2013 and of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences IUNS, as well as of the Spanish Bread Scientific Committee.

·        The participation of UIB, for the first time ever, in the International Congress of Nutrition to be held in Granada (Spain), in September 2013, together with the celebration of the UIB (or, maybe, the first UIBC) ordinary Congress, also in Granada, from September 13th to 16th, 2013.

·        The approval of the letter of intent, as proposed by both the Executive Bodies of UIB and UIPCG, in order to start a merger of the two Unions as from July 1st, 2013, under the name UIBC. An extraordinary Congress will be convened in Casablanca (MAR), from March 19th to 22nd, 2013, in order to approve the dissolution of the UIB and the new bylaws of UIBC.

·        The amendment of the UIB bylaws to allow the re-election of the current UIB President for a new two-year period, in order to boost the merger UIB/UIPCG.

·        The election of the new Presidium:

o   President: Peter Becker, Germany

o   Vice-presidents:

- Lorenzo Alonso, Spain

- Boldizsár Ilonka, Hungary

- Roberto Núñez, Uruguay, CIPAN

- Kaspar Sutter, Switzerland

- Christian Vabret, France

o   Treasurer: Henri Wagener, Luxembourg




The UIB Presidium: Below, from left to right, Christian Vabret (FRA), Kaspar Sutter (CH), Boldizsár Ilonka (HUN); above, from left to right: José María Fdez. del Vallado (UIB Secretary General), Henri Wagener (LUX), Peter Becker (UIB President), Lorenzo Alonso (ESP). Roberto Núñez (CIPAN) is missing in the photo


·        The confirmation of the following Presidents of the UIB Working Commissions:

o   Vocational Training: Kaspar Sutter, Switzerland

o   Marketing and Publicity: Lorenzo Alonso, Spain

o   Economy and Social Policy: Christian Vabret, France

o   Organisation: Boldizsár Ilonka, Hungary

·        Finally, further to the great concern shown by bakers worldwide due to the malpractices leading to irregular supplies of the different flour products, indispensable to make bread, and even sometimes menacing to cause cereal shortages at world level, the following resolution was adopted, to be issued as a press release:

UIB urges all Governments and International Agencies in the world to forbid the use of farmland for purposes other than growing crops for food, as well as to establish the necessary legal measures to prevent stock market speculation on cereal products at world level


Gala Dinner and “World Baker of the Year 2012” Award Ceremony.

One of the most typical restaurants in Munich, the Ratskeller, hosted the Gala Dinner, as well as the “World Baker of the Year 2012” Award Ceremony. The distinction was presented to Mr. Andreu Llargués, a fourth-generation craft baker from Catalonia (Spain), who instigated the creation and celebration of the World Day of Bread.




From left to right: Mr. Doménec Vila, DG of the Catalonian Government, Mr. Andreu Llargués, Mr. Peter Becker, UIB President


Visit to a Munich Bakery-Confectionery

The last of the UIB Congress activities was a visit to Backerei-Konditorei Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, in Munich. Mr. Hoffmann and his wife showed their bakery to the UIB Delegates and offered them a delicious breakfast composed of the many bakery and pastry products they make daily.




Bakers from Germany, France, the USA, Poland, Finland, Australia, Austria, Canada, Ireland and Spain, together with Mr. Hoffmann and his wife


UIB wishes to express its gratitude to the ZVDB (German Federation of Bakers) and the GHM (Gesellschaft Fur Handwerksmessen MbH), the organizing company of the iba Exhibition, for the perfect organization and the warm welcome all UIB Delegates were offered in Munich.